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SquadRun: A Startup Building Mobile Enabled On Demand Workforce For Businesses


Businesses and organizations have always suffered with the problem of hiring and retaining a talented workforce. Also, they face problems in completing repetitive tasks which require huge capital and operational costs and scalability of recruited workforce.

With headquarters in California and New Delhi, SquadRun aims at providing cost effective solutions to these problems, by breaking them into several smaller parts and leveraging crowdsourcing, mobile technology and gamification.

Incubated by 91 Springboard, the startup was launched in July this year and is co-founded by Apurv Agarwal, Kanika Jain and Vikas Gulati. As a mobile marketplace app, it connects businesses to a smartphone enabled on demand workforce to execute small tasks. At the same time, it allows app users to make money on a per task basis by completing quick fun missions using their smartphone.


So how it is done? The team helps organizations in setting up ‘Missions’ and ‘Rewards’ on the Squadrun platform. For users (who have downloaded the app), the missions are like real life games, wherein they get real money after completing them as ‘Players’. Some examples of tasks include: moderating content such as images or reviews, categorizing products for e-commerce websites or mystery shopping a coffee shop.

As said by Apurv, the idea is, “If you need something simple done either online or at a physical location, as long as it’s something almost anyone (with a decent IQ) can do, you can put up a task on SquadRun for our ‘player’ community to pick up.”

The target audience on the players side is youth between the age group of 18-24, housewives, young professionals etc who have free time and are tech savvy. While on the client side, they are looking forward to Retail chains, MNCs requiring customer connect or have huge data collection requirement (on-site missions) and online marketplaces, consumer apps, online directories, research institutes etc., who require data collection, validation, cleaning and other micro tasks (remote missions).

Within months of its launch, the startup claims to execute 600 missions per day with an active community of 4k+ players. The founders are currently focusing on the Indian market, but have plans to expand internationally.

SquadRun is currently active all over India for tasks that can be carried out remotely. On-site tasks such as mystery shopping, retail execution are currently available only in Delhi NCR, however, these will be expanding to all the major metros in a couple of months.

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