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Microsoft in Talks to Acquire Minecraft’s Swedish Game Studio Mojang


The company is planning to acquire the maker of one of the famous video games, Minecraft for approx. USD 2 billion, as per a Wall Street Journal report. The announcement is said to be due this week, however both the companies have still kept themselves to the ‘No Comments’ zone.

Update: Microsoft has made the acquisition for USD 2.5 billion. The game developer confirmed the same in a statement on its website.

Why did the founders sell Minecraft?

Below is the team’s response to this question.

Minecraft has grown from a simple game to a project of monumental significance. Though we’re massively proud of what Minecraft has become, it was never Notch’s intention for it to get this big.

As you might already know, Notch is the creator of Minecraft and the majority shareholder at Mojang. He’s decided that he doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a company of such global significance. Over the past few years he’s made attempts to work on smaller projects, but the pressure of owning Minecraft became too much for him to handle. The only option was to sell Mojang. He’ll continue to do cool stuff though. Don’t worry about that.

There are only a handful of potential buyers with the resources to grow Minecraft on a scale that it deserves. We’ve worked closely with Microsoft since 2012, and have been impressed by their continued dedication to our game and its development. We’re confident that Minecraft will continue to grow in an awesome way.

Minecraft means many different things to millions of people across the world, and to each and every Mojangsta. We feel that this is the best way for everyone – you guys included – to benefit.

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Since its launch in 2009, over 50 million copies of Minecraft have been sold and has given more than USD 100 million of profit to the company last year only. The game is currently available on smartphones, PC, Playstation3 and XBox 360.

Minecraft is ranked in the top five among U.S. paid apps in the Apple and Google app stores.

Microsoft, till date, has given no indications towards considering video gaming as its core business. However, this is one of the rare multi-billionaire acquisition to be done by CEO Satya Nadella.

As per the report, the company now seems keen to focus upon video games as it finds it as a way to mark its foothold in the mobile and PC industry.

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