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Internet of Things- Five Smart Devices You Should Know About


SkyBell is is a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell that allows you to answer your door from a smartphone. When a visitor presses the button, SkyBell sends you a live video feed and you can see, hear and speak to the person at your door.


Smart Diapers 

These are diapers with sensors that send an alert to your smartphone or a compatible wristband when they become wet. It is a great idea for hospitals and care homes as well as parents. Soon, smart diapers are expected to not only alert you that your baby needs changing but provide a full analysis of urine to check sodium and hydration levels in the baby as well as signs of infections.


Delphi Connect vehicle diagnostics

A smart vehicle diagnostics tool which plugs into any car with a OBD 2 port and sends alerts and updates on its condition to the mobile app, as well as including a few other features. These include remotely locking and unlocking its doors, starting the engine and even setting up “geofences” – which send alerts if the car is driven across boundaries set by the owner. Useful for parents and company fleet operators.


Jawbone Up band

It is one of the many wearable devices designed to track and record data about our lifestyle, to help us make informed decisions on improving how we eat, sleep and move.


The data is synched to an Android device or iPhone where it is presented as visualisations which can be analysed by the user to provide useful insights. It gives you a smart alarm function that wakes you up when it is best (during a light sleep phase) and even calculates the ideal time for a powernap (by analysing the sleep you had the night before).


Trakdot aims to offer travellers peace of mind, by letting them track the location of their luggage. Patented technology switches off transmitters and receivers while they are in the cargo hold and reactivates them when they are unloaded, automatically contacting the owner through local cell networks to report their location. Of course it won’t stop the luggage getting lost, but it will certainly make it easier to find and recover.


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