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Hindustan Times Throws a Punch at The Times on India on Youtube

The Hindustan Times has thrown an online punch at its rival Times of India on Youtube in a video called ‘The Eternal Crybaby’. The former is running an online mailer campaign called the Moaning Baby with other media agencies to give its competitor a blow. Check out the video below to know it all

Looks like the publications are finding it hard to keep their battle offline, that they are using the online medium to take it out on each other. This seems to be a response to Times of India’s ‘Morning Challenge”. Shown below

HT says that its offices had started receiving calls from readers from across the national capital region (NCR), complaining about not receiving HT copies suddenly.

moaning baby

Above is the poster HT is circulating online

The HT’s circulation department, which began a trail from the press to the reader, stumbled upon a fact: a group of people were descending upon various distribution centers early in the morning, and buying up thousands of copies of HT, sometimes at more than double the cover price. The company is now asking public the question who could have benefited from this act?

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