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Google Rebrands its Maps Engine to ‘My Maps’

Google has announced that it is rebranding its Google Maps Engine Lite custom maps app to My Maps, available for download on Google Play. The company also said that all maps created in classic Google Maps will automatically upgrade to the new My Maps by the end of this year. But to get started right away:

  1. Open the new My Maps.
  2. Click Upgrade your classic My Maps.
  3. Follow the instructions to upgrade your maps.


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The company has also announced the expansion of its Google Maps Gallery, where publicly shared custom maps can be accessed.

The new app just like with classic My Maps, you can save places, driving directions, add photos and videos, and more. But it also has new features:

  • Share your map like you do a Google Doc.
  • Use different colors to make parts of your map stand out.
  • Label your features directly on the map.
  • Import locations from a spreadsheet.
  • Organize your places with layers.

In a blog post Heather Folsom, Product Manager, My Maps said, “Starting today, you can get a little inspiration by going to Google Maps Gallery and browsing publicly shared custom maps of all types. You can import spreadsheets, easily include images and YouTube videos, and organize your locations and routes however you want.

Google announcing the new My Maps, via its Google Maps support page notes, “In the coming months, you’re going to see a new, more powerful Google My Maps. You can update your saved maps now or wait and they’ll get updated to the new My Maps automatically.”

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