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Google Launches Cloud Platform for Startups with USD 100,000 in Credit and 24/7 Support

Google has launched a Cloud platform for startups with an aims to speed up the process of launching and scaling their ideas. The cloud platform helps early-stage startups with USD 100,000 in credit, 24/7 support for eligible startups, and also provides access to the company’s technical solutions team.

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This offer is available to startups that meet the following criteria:


The Google Cloud Platform team says that, “Focus on building your product and don’t worry about complex infrastructure. Google manages your application, database, and storage servers so you don’t have to.”

Currently, the platform is having around 30 partners including Angel Pad, 500 start-ups, Gavalnize, code for America, Astia, Capital Factory, CommuniTech and much more. Over 4 million applications are built on Cloud Platform. At present, Snapchat, Leanplum, Getaround and Udacity are using cloud platform.

Cloud Platform gives you up front ease of use with the added comfort of knowing whatever you are building, if it needs to, will scale ad infinitum,” said Bobby Murphy, CTO and co-Founder.

Google App Engine has the breadth and the depth to grow with you. Every 6 months, it gets better. The Google App Engine team knows what you need to make a competitive application,” said Elliot Kroo, Founder and Director of Engineering

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