Ecommerce Changes its Business Model; Launches F.lea Bazaar with 200+ sellers

Online retail portal has announced the launch of F.lea Bazaar, an online marketplace that brings together a curated collection of the off-beat, eclectic products from select sellers and boutiques. With this move, the company has also effectively changed its model from being a pure play fashion portal, to a curated marketplace.

The move is made to differentiate the company from other online portals in the country, and to cater to those who enjoy shopping from flea markets like the Janpath in New Delhi.


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The F.lea Bazaar marketplace currently offers an array of products ranging from quirky home products and stationary to kitschy mugs, fancy accessories, personal care products etc. F.lea Bazaar will be a platform for niche sellers who may not have a branded shop but sell through stalls at renowned flea markets and platforms like Facebook. Fashionara aims to have 500 merchants on the F.lea Bazaar, by this Diwali.

Fashionara already has on-board over 400 brands from across the country who get to showcase their products on the website, including the likes of Elle, Lee, AND, Levis and Biba.

Arun Sirdeshmukh, Co-founder and CEO, Fashionara said, “We thought if we could get the best of these sellers to sell online, we could satisfy the needs of a large number of our customers, add a lot of variety to what we offer on Fashionara as well as enable flea merchants to sell their products pan India.”

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