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Facebook Starts Rolling Out View Counts, Adds More Auto-playing Videos to the News Feed

In order to increase its focus on video content, Facebook has announced that it will start rolling out ‘View Counts’ that will allow people to see how many views a video on Facebook has received.

The feature which may go live this week is coupled with news, so that more auto-playing videos will appear in the News Feed from people and pages, to discover new and popular videos. According to the company, video views grew by more than 50 percent between May and July this year and made more than 65 percent of content consumed from mobile devices. Currently, it is also testing a new feature on mobile with an aim to help people discover new videos when someone finishes watching a video.

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As per The Next Web, users have the option to switch it off — and potentially save on their data bill — inside the settings and options menu on their phone.

Earlier this month, it start to releasing its ’privacy checkup’ with the help of a blue dinosaur system to extend privacy setting for sharing information and posts from marketers and third-party apps as Facebook has been dogged by privacy issues for years.

The social network is also testing a new feature of adding stickers while posting the comments, but currently service is live only for some users. If it gets a positive feedback, then the company plans to roll out this feature to everyone.

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