Facebook Rolls Out ‘Privacy Checkup’ to Control Post Sharing More Effectively

Facebook start to rolling out its ‘privacy checkup’ with the help of a blue dinosaur system to extend privacy setting for sharing information and posts, as per Economic Times report. The company announced the plan in June to address concerns about privacy for helping users to better share their personal information and posting. It aims to secure its members’s personal data from marketers and third-party apps as Facebook has been dogged by privacy issues for years.

The dinosaur is expected to pop up when users log on to Facebook, and take them through each step of the privacy settings, from their personal information to the apps that may access Facebook data.

A privacy shortcut will also be on each Facebook page to allow users to update their privacy settings.


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It is also testing a new feature of adding stickers while posting the comments, but currently service is live only for some users. If it gets a positive feedback, then the company plans to roll out this feature to everyone.

Last month, Facebook forced its mobile users to download its standalone messenger app and had announced a video discovery tool to surface higher-quality videos by analyzing how long users actually watch each video.

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