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Facebook is Introducing Improved Analytics Tools for App Developers

Facebook today introduced improved analytics tools for app developers for measuring the performance of apps among specific groups of people as well as ways to track retention of users. Label cohorts allows developers to categorize groups of people who use their app and measure factors, like revenue or time spent in the app along with A/B test various tactics.


Below are some types of label cohorts a developer could use:

  • Install source cohorts – You can group people by the source from which they installed an app, e.g. Facebook Ad, organic, request, etc. and measure which source brings you the people who spend the most.
  • Action-based cohorts – You can group people who have taken a certain action in your app. For instance, this could be a group of people who’ve reached a certain level in your game, so you can compare that group to a group that’s reached a different level to see who spends more.
  • Time-based cohorts – You can group people who have installed your app in a specific time frame. For instance, you could compare people who installed in June versus July, and see which group spends more time in your app for each month.
  • Story-based cohorts – You can track impressions that you receive from posts to Facebook by people within a particular group, allowing you to determine which groups post the most, or which post the most successful stories back to Facebook.
  • Create your own – This is a flexible system that allows you to test downstream actions and conversion events for groups of people using your app based on whatever criteria you choose.

Furthermore, Developers can also measure how people use their app, based on when they installed it. The new App Event retention charts will show you what percentage of people took an action for any number of days after installing the app, up to 14 weeks after the install date.


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The retention chart is available for all the events you log. If you are also logging purchases, you can see what percent of people are making purchases on the day they installed the app, and what percent of people are making purchases on any number of days (up until 14 weeks) after installing the app.

“We are excited to share that App Events is now available for apps on Facebook. This means that you can now measure the activity within your apps on Facebook, run desktop app ads for your highest purchasers and measure the features mentioned above. Start using app events for your apps on Facebook by using our Javascript SDK. For mobile apps, install our Facebook SDK and implement app events to start taking advantage of all these features,” explained Ravi grover , developet at Facebook, in a Blog post.

The social networking website has been working on a lot of changes lately. Last week, Facebook had confirmed that it is experimenting features on iOS version of its app with the way people post updates on the social network. In its pilot programme, it allows users to schedule an expiration time that varies from one hour to seven days for the post they publish.

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