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EyeGlass: Sony’s Answer to Google Glass

Sony has officially announced its augmented reality headset called “SmartEyeglass,” which have lenses that are 85% transparent that will make easy to view images and text in a host of environments. The eye glass is expected to be available by March 2015 with ‘holographic’ display technology.


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As per a Tech First Post report, it will come with an image sensor, 3-megapixel camera, integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass and a microphone and connect wirelessly to an Android smartphone. The company is forsaking a color display for improving its battery life. It has put the controls and mic in a separate, wired, hand-held unit.

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Earlier in April,  Google had opened the sale of the wearable computer, only for one day. However, Google referred to this as a part of the “Explorer Program”, sparking rumours about  the continuity of the Glass. Google didn’t specify how many pairs of the glasses were actually sold during the one-day event.

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