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Is Enterprise Mobility the Next Bet?

Enterprise Mobility and Cloud will change the way we work and do business and what it means for the Service providers?

Enterprise mobility is the trend around a shift in work habits, involving more employees/consumers working out of the office or accessing applications on the move by using mobile devices and Cloud Services to perform tasks.


Most global service providers are seeing a high growth in the business from Wireless/Managed Services and Business Data. The service providers’ business is becoming more data centric with over 80% of the business for some global players coming from data/Internet. With falling ARPU’s on the voice and better margins on data, it could be  the succor for Telecom Service Providers .

Service providers in India, like their global counterparts, are trying to increase the data through their networks. Some of the global players, viz. AT&T and Verizon have been major drivers of the global mobile internet revolution.

They have invested and executed aggressively, and are building a more robust and better network to be the best in class and reach hundreds of millions of people. Service providers are opening their networks to outside innovators and break new grounds with innovation centers, allowing them to reach out to customers with speed, and deliver more apps and solutions. These are helping the service providers create new growth platforms and should ignite a global wave of innovation in fields viz. Healthcare, Mobile Payments, Education and endless new areas.

There is a race amongst the service providers to build the best and fastest network, and a few understand that this will create a technology transformation that could bring big changes to how we live and do our business.

Ultra-fast mobile communication and content on cloud will be powering the future growth. This means that almost everything in our world will be connected, seamless and smart. The content will follow us no matter what device we’re using. Our homes, offices and cars will be extensions of our smartphones.

The benefits could be many and at affordable costs. Education will be accessible to millions of people irrespective of where they are located. Healthcare will reach people across the nook and corners of the globe.

The impact of such a connected world, will be huge on the economy and quality of life. Companies are just waking upto the opportunities and finding ways to address this opportunity. Clearly the mobile, digital economy is already at the leading edge of our overall economic growth. It’s speeding commerce and creating new business models.

Many service providers in India will have an added revenue stream coming from mobile payment transactions and now have the option of being a bank.

The service providers, the device vendors and the application providers will need to figure out fast, the ways to harness this wave of innovation.

About the Author:

Jayant Rastogi is a senior leader in the IT and Communications industry, building new businesses and establishing and growing them. He has worked for some of the top MNC’s and Indian Enterprises .He has been a part of Enterprise Mobility from the time of its advent and has built one of the largest Enterprise Mobility businesses in the region.

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    Top & discussion is genric gayan but no case study or data… I was expect expecting more from the article – so basically authore could not justify the topic

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