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Dropbox and Google Announce Simply Secure to Make Open Source Security Tools Easy to Use

On Thursday, Dropbox, Google, and the Open Technology Fund announced a new organization named Simply Secure, focused on making open source security tools simpler and easier for people to use. The existing consumer-facing security tools are inconvenient for the average person to operate and two-factor authentication remain useless.

The need to overcome this challenge is particularly clear in the wake of events like the recent celebrity photo leak and the Snowden revelations. No matter how effective security technologies are, people will not use them unless they become more accessible and easier to understand. We need simpler options for stronger security, available at our fingertips.


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Led by Director Sara Sinclair Brody, the organization will work with the open source community to develop easier-to-use tools. It aims to create solutions that people without advanced technical knowledge can choose without sacrificing usability.

“we believe Simply Secure can bring us much closer to a world in which ubiquitous security is the norm.” Meredith Whittaker, Open Source Research Lead, Google.

We’re excited for a future where people won’t have to choose between ease and security, and where tools that allow people to secure their communications, content, and online activity are as easy as choosing to use them, wrote Google in a Blog Post.

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