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Look What’s Trending on Social: #IStandWithDeepikaPadukone

In another blooper by the mainstream news player, TOI covered an irrelevant and insensitive story on Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone. It captioned the news story on Twitter as – ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show’. The remark immediately got a response from the actor herself, following a trail of replies by the Twitheads in the country.

When Deepika Padukone got to read the tweet followed by a picture gallery, she gave the news portal a befitting reply.

Also, Deepika instantly found support from many of her Bollywood colleagues rushing to condemn the photograph and accompanying article.

And many other stood up against the media company as well.

After this, TOI again issued another irrelevant tweet saying ‘It was a compliment’. Clearly enough, one has to think twice before making such a remark against anyone, particularly online where controversies spread like wild fire.

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    Well journalism has crossed limits in taking vulgar snaps of women and we all condemn it . But what baffles me is the reaction from Deepika and her Bollywood friends. These actresses are always in all sleazy provocative dress showing everything and leaving little to imagination when they do for movies. They allow the directors to take from any angle to show enhanced size of their assets. At that time they don’t cry foul. They do for money & publicity anything …. They have no issue . But when Times of India took some of her cleavage snaps , the lady is crying foul. What double standards ? People who live by sword also must be ready to die by sword. Cannot have both ways. I am sure her out burst against TOI is also a publicity.

    Such journalistic taboo is for common women who are doing their routine jobs and not working in Glamourised profession where showing body and assets is for publicity and money.Deepika and gang must not use this platform to champion for women at large….it smacks hypocrisy.

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