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Was Twitter ‘Buy’ Button a Good Idea?

After months of discussions and speculations, this week Twitter finally started testing the ‘Buy’ button with small number of US users getting access to it. It has also partnered with Fancy (@fancy), Gumroad (@gumroad), Musictoday (@Musictoday) and Stripe (@stripe) as platforms for this initial test and will be adding more soon.

And where analysts are busy predicting its success ratio, Global Web Index figures shows why the new feature is likely to resonate strongly with the Twitter audience. As per the report, globally, 75 percent of the Twitter users accepted that they have made online purchases in last one month. This number rises to more than 80 percent when talked specifically about the US and UK users.

The study depicts that active Twitter users were shopping online more as compared to total internet users, irrespective of the devices. And while the figures for shopping via mobile and tablet shows an increase, it clearly indicates that Twitter is looking to make “shopping from mobile devices convenient and easy.”

global web index chart

Well, Twitter ‘Buy’ button is definitely a move ahead in allowing users to perform a faster online shopping.. But as stated by Brad Tuttle of Time, in many ways, it can lead to regretful impulse purchases. Also, this strategy would work well only with sales having a short life span, as Twitter is all about what’s happening right now, said Lou kerner, a social media analyst for The Social Internet Fund, to

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