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After Flipkart, Amazon Disables Delivery of High Value Goods for all UP Postal Codes

VaranasiOnline marketplace Amazon has disabled the delivery of orders above INR 5,000 for all UP postal codes.

As per TOI report, Amazon doesn’t have its own delivery network in UP and depends on regular couriers. A local courier said it delivers around 300 orders a day and “90% of them are honoured” . It added, “This is their business decision and they will be best able to tell why they are doing this.”

“We’ve had many instances of items ordered from fake addresses. It affects everyone in the supply chain, because a lot of money and time is invested in catering to such orders. Just-for-fun orders are hurting e-commerce,” said a courier operator which handles orders from various e-commerce portals, including Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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Amazon’s decision appears similar to Flipkart’s own rule regarding UP postal codes. As, recently company had adopted “with cash on delivery (COD) option” to deliver select products but after some time revised this plan to restrict delivery of consignments of value above INR 10,000.

This a business decision and said they keep reviewing the threshold limit from time to time, said by a Flipkart spokesperson.

“Here we’re facing this problem for quite some time. COD orders are often abused. The situation is changing and the market is maturing, but we do face such situations at least once every week,” said a local courier office that caters to customers of various e-commerce portals.

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    We’ve gotta black list this kind of customers, we have to list down their E-Mails addresses ( Incases multiple E-Mail Addresses ), Telephone Nos and Postal Addresses , There has to be a common platform for it so that we can block this kind of customers for placing orders anymore, may be a search & certify platform like credit score or cibil rating

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