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Amazon Announces KDP Kids and Launches Kindle Kids’ Book Creator

In order to expand its Kindle Direct Publishing business, Amazon has announced KDP Kids to support the needs of children’s books authors prepare, publish and distribute books in the Kindle Store. It is also introducing a new tool, the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, to create the children’s books that take advantage of Kindle features like text pop-ups and Import illustrations.

Once the book is finalized, authors can upload it to KDP by including category, age and grade range filters to help the Amazon’s customers to get the book listed correctly for their kids. To expand their reader base, authors can access to marketing tools like Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions and can earn royalties of up to 70%, while keeping their rights and maintaining control of their content.


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As per the Tech Crunch report, illustrated book authors can import files in PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and PPM formats. The software is available as both a Mac and PC download, and lets chapter book authors import manuscripts in Word (doc/docx), as well as HTML, Mobi, ePub and other formats, so there isn’t much need for additional conversion tools.

“Authors want to focus on telling great stories and we want to help them do that. No one should have to be a computer programmer to create a beautiful, illustrated Kindle book for kids,” said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle. “Kindle Kids’ Book Creator makes it easy. In addition to helping authors craft their books, we’re helping customers find them with things like age and grade range filters.”

KDP Kids also includes categories like Literature, Business, Mystery/Thriller, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Teens/Young Adult and more. But children’s books are a growing category for Amazon, as users have already downloaded millions of children’s books this year.

In the end of last month, Amazon announced that it is expanding its virtual currency, Amazon Coins to Japan and Australia. Also, the company is planning to launch a gift card store in India with over 70 brands in the next couple of weeks that is expected to include brands like Pantaloons, Shoppers StopBSE, Lifestyle, Lakme Salon, Nike, Domino’s Pizza and Cafe Coffee Day.

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    This is a clear investment by Amazon to grab a higher share of the children’s book market and bring more children’s book authors onto the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Prior to the launch, Children’s eBooks represented the 9th highest selling book category on Amazon Kindle, measured by the sales ranks of the Top 100 Best Sellers in each genre.
    Two months after the launch of Amazon’s we took a closer look at what happened to book sales, book prices and book supply of children’s ebooks on Amazon. The result is astonishing. Find out what happened and how you can benefit in this brief video documentation by the K-lytics team:

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