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3DHubs Receives USD 4.5 M in Series A to Make Local 3D Printing Service Global

A network of 3D printers, 3DHubs has secured USD 4.5 million in Series A led by Mark Evans, General Partner at Balderton Capital. Post this investment, Mark Evans is expected to join the 3D Hubs board. As per Tech Crunch report, the company is expected to use the new funds to help bring their local 3D printing system to the world.

It had also made partnership with Autodesk as well as consumer brands like Fairphone to provide service for some 3D modeling products and to see growth in the coming year. 3DHubs is opening new offices in New York at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and also plans to develop new features that will make the experience of ordering a personalized 3D print similar to traditional e-commerce platforms.


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Founded in April 2013 by Co-Founder & CEO Bram de Zwart and C0-Founder & CPO Brian Garret. The firm has processed over 30,000 3D prints and have about 7,100 printers in 140 countries. To use its service, users simple need to choose their area, upload a model, and then ask for a quote. The 3D printer owner then prints it and send it to user via post or sneaker net.

“3D Hubs offers them a way to earn money and collaborate on cool maker projects.” said Garret.

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