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10 Popular Wearable Gadgets

Quite a few years ago, what we knew was about mobile phones or PCs: then came laptops, tablets, notebooks, phablets, iPad’s, iPhone’s, ultrabooks and many more. These pieces of innovation point out to one thing – technology is moving fast, and with time and a number of other advanced inventions, it will only catch pace and get faster.

The next advancement in this ‘technology explosion’ is the creation of handy wearable gadgets. Well, some people have been really swift in adapting to the revolution of wearable gadgets, like one of the most popular gadget-freak in the world, Chris Dancy, who has, in his possession, almost all the gadgets manufactured and invented till date. He is known to be the “most connected person in the world”.

Below mentioned are few wearable gadgets that are doing really well in the market, especially among the gadget freak buyers, and have brought a paradigm shift in the wearable market:

Google Glass                                   

google-glass1Source: Glass Apps

A gadget that comes first in the list on account of its popular appeal is the Google Glass. This most publicized wearable gadget is one-of-its-kind of inventions in the history of technology and needs to be worn like spectacles. In the last few years, this gadget has earned an equal amount of praise as well as criticism. It consists of an optical head-mounted display with amazing features like a touchpad and a built-in camera. Also, one can enjoy various Google apps like Gmail, Google+, Google maps, etc., with this piece of technology. Google Glass comes with Android 4.4 KitKat OS, 16GB memory storage, 1GB RAM, and all such stuff that one can find in high-tech laptops and notebooks.



Source: AppleInsider

An interesting innovation in the world of gadgets, Metawatch, is a smartwatch released in 2012. The amalgamation of Vertu makers and the former engineers of Fossil are behind this device. One can find all the basic features of a smartphone in this watch including a calendar, calculator, call logs, weather check, Bluetooth and various other stuffs. Besides providing all the necessary facilities, this watch also offers a great performance.

Pebble Steel


Source: CNET

The Pebble guys are basically responsible for starting off the revolution of handy and wearable watches in the market that too, meaningfully. The looks, speedy functionality and pure elegance make Pebble Steel smartwatch more than just being smart. The most appealing endowment that this watch offers to its customers is its customizable strap. Moreover, the battery life, which lasts for 5-7 days, has made this watch very popular in the technology-driven market of today. It is waterproof and although, Pebble Steel is not very rich in its features, it has carved a position for itself in being the most refined wearable.



Source: Livbit

If you do not like the feel of those regular leather wallets and do not want to carry them, here is the iWallet, which you simply cannot refuse. This wallet comes with solid hard casing, Bluetooth technology, biometric access and anti-theft technology. This iWallet takes care of the security of users’ cash and debit/credit cards. The user can easily connect this wallet with the phone and in times of mishaps, like theft, your connected phone will warn you, even if you are 10-15ft away from the wallet. The aluminium shell and the carbon fiber give this wallet an elegant look, which both men and women will like to carry.

Jaybird Reign


Source: ET

An amazing fitness tracker, Jaybird Reign, has hit the fitness market with a lot of rage. It is extremely popular among the athletes and fitness freaks. Reign clings to your wrist properly and comes in various interchangeable size options. This wearable gadget supports both Android and iOS operating systems. It is wireless and waterproof, and keeps track of your sleep, activities, sports and workout sessions.

USB Cufflinks


Source: Engadget

USB cufflinks might be a new thing for a number of people, but it is also a very popular wearable gadget. These cufflinks give your a more formal and clean appearance. Also available in gunmetal and gold, the memory storage of this USB cufflink is about 2GB. The manufacturers of this cufflink have also provided the customers with an option to get these cufflinks customized, wherein the users can get anything engraved on these USB cufflinks up to 8 characters.

Nike+ FuelBand


Source: Playmaker

While working out and exercising, a lot of people prefer to keep a track of how many calories and fats they are burning up. The Nike+ FuelBand is suitable for such people. The users can set their goals in this band, view the progress in detail, and unlock various quests that can keep them motivated towards fitness. The LED light option provided in this wrist band, keeps track of the progress. In a nutshell, it is a health monitoring fashionable wrist band.

Rusty’s Wired Series


Source: SportsVibe

A much-liked wearable gadget for the youngsters! Rusty has come up in the gadget market with somewhat of a unique invention, which includes a sweatshirt with hood and built-in earphones. Now, there is no need of entangling the earphones by keeping them in your pocket and handbag. The hoodies of this jacket have earphones, and the music device attached to it can be kept in the pocket. Besides, this jacket along with the earphones is machine washable and waterproof.

Creoir Ibis


Source: Geeky Gadgets

Well, the innovation in the smartwatch series has unfolded many advanced technological features such that each and every smartwatch looks different from each other. In such a scenario, another smartwatch, named Creoir Ibis, makes its presence. Although, there are various smartwatches, which from the point of view of looks, appear very robotic, Creoir Ibis comes as a useful smartwatch, which is not only excellent in terms of features, but also sports a forward looking design in terms of appearance.

Interactive T-Shirts


Source: DesignSwan

This funky interactive T-shirt is also a part of the innovative wearable gadgets. One can actually see an equalizer dancing on the front portion of the T-shirt. The manufacturers have put in some AA batteries, electronic elements and bright neon lights on the T-shirt, which reacts to the noise it senses all around. There is one more interactive t-shirt available in the market, which produces sound when you press the spots. About seven spots are given on the T-shirt, which on pushing down makes a sound like that of an electronic drum kit. However, while washing these not-so-expensive clothing stuffs, you have to remove the electronic board from them.

The list does not end here as more wearable gadgets are expected to arrive late this year or early 2015. Not only for the grownups but wearable gadgets are available for small kids as well, which are designed to track their various activities. The technology has taken the innovations to a completely different level and that day is not very far when we will be completely surrounded by hi-tech gadgets.

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