Twitter Launches Analytics Dashboard to Everyone

From June, Twitter was experimenting with  its analytics dashboard and then, last month, it released an updated analytic dashboard. But, it was only available for marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers. Now, it is rolling out Twitter Analytics to everyone and users can get access by visiting

The changes posted by the Twitter front end engineer Ian Chan:

The dashboard enables the users to check:

1. How many peoples view and engage tweet on twitter

2. How many impressions each tweet has received

3. how many times users saw the tweet on Twitter

4. The number of retweets and replies on a  tweet

5. How many times others have clicked on their profiles

6. To download their Tweet metrics

7. how their Tweets trend over time and compare tweet activity month over month


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Users can check definitions and guides from Twitter’s Help center.

The Tweet activity dashboard is available to users who primarily tweet in English, French, Japanese, and Spanish, and have had an account for at least 14 days. We’re working to roll this out to everyone soon.

Apart from this, Twitter Q2, 2014 report showed continued user growth with an average of 271 million monthly active users (Of the total, 211 million active users were mobile), an increase of 16 million users, or 24 percent year-over-year.

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Later this year, Twitter users can expect to find a ‘Buy’ Button in tweets to enter their billing and shipping information for purchasing products on Twitter.

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