Startup Showcase: Chemik, BlissBasket, Time Doctor and Yasoon


Chemik is a Chemistry Tool – educational app for Students. It is expected to help them in chemical tasks! Use the Periodic Table just like a computer keyboard.

What problems it is solving: Chemist will learn everything users need to know about the elements, compounds and chemical reactions.
Key services offered: The elements, compounds and chemical reactions.
Technology used: Java, Android, LiteSQL
Bliss Basket
Bliss Basket is bringing romantic products and deliver directly to customers doorstep discreetly. It import almost all products from across the world and genuine ‘Real Romantic products’
The firm also helps to create the “perfect lover”, instead of searching for one. With its products, it helping the users to express and fulfill very basic feeling.
Bliss BasketWhat Problems it is Solving: The firm dispatching all products in brown wrap / box only. It neither write Return address nor put Logo on the package so only consumers know what is inside the box. In his/her credit card or bank statement, it will charged as “Mayur Internet LLP” rather than BlissBasket so there is no way to compromise privacy.
The firm has introduced “Secret Order Processing” where  its team member has full information about what customers have ordered which products. it has separated all departments where each department receive only required information i.e. Warehouse Department will have only Reference ID (Generated against Order number) and Products to be packaged while Customer Care Executive will have only Order Number and its Products (No Customer Name and Address) so customer can call for any issue without compromising privacy.
Key Services Offered: It has introduced Romantic Subscription Packages just a month ago and got very good response across the region. In this service customer will get monthly signature brown package with surprise items to elevate relationship month on month basis.
Main Competitors:
Time Doctor
Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity app that helps you get a lot more done each day. It makes sure you are productive by helping eliminate the unnecessary distractions. It helps you see exactly where your time was spent and it gives you a detailed analysis of your activities.Timedoctor

What problems it is solving: Productivity problem, Every day work distractions
Key services offered: Time tracking, avoiding distractions, website and application monitoring, screenshot recording, reporting tools
Main Competitors: Rescue Time, Toggl, Harvest
It was founded by CEO  Rob Rawson and Co-Founder Liam Martin.
Yasoon is specialized in Outlook extensions and offers apps for Outlook.
What problems it is solving: The rise of cloud applications provides employees with an unlimited set of specialized tools for every possible use-case. This leads to a separation of work and work-related information and brings up new challenges.
Key services offered: Yasoon empowers Outlook inbox. Outlook is still one of the most important tools in an employee’s everyday work, so it provide apps to make it even more productive. Like on smartphones, these apps allow to connect cloud services or provide simple tools which enhance the daily workflow.
Technology used: Yasoon is a C# Outlook extension. It provides a platform to create own apps for Outlook with HTML5, JS and CSS
Main Competitors: On the one hand, yasoon competes with aggregators like Slack or CatchApp. Both also have apps (integrations) to aggregate information from various cloud systems.
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