Startup Showcase: Aisle, Shdlr and Subillion


Aisle is a cross between matrimony sites and modern day social networks. It is a way for single urban Indians worldwide to connect with individuals based on their interests, favorites and a brief bio.

It has been conceived as a closed community of independent urban Indians, across the globe, currently exploring the possibility of committed relationships or even marriage. As a social platform, Aisle addresses the pain points that have risen over the years in the Indian matchmaking community.


Aisle has invested resources that help validate each individual profile ensuring that they are genuine and meet the necessary criteria. Every, probable member, goes through a phone interview and social handle background check before being accepted into the network.

Main Competitors: Ok Cupid and Floh

More Info: Bangalore-based, Aisle was launched by Founder Able Joseph and is currently running in a bootstrapped mode.


Shdlr is a way to manage an event schedule. It allows the event owners to schedule items across the time slots, and several halls/venues and days.

It allows the conference admin to share the schedule on social media as well. The conference attendees can make their own personalised schedules of talks/events they want to attend and in turn share it on social.


What problems it is solving: Shdlr allows it’s users to create the complex schedules in minutes and in turn create a usable, website for the event. The event calendars can be embedded on blogs or websites and 4) syncs the schedule with calendar apps.

Main Competitors: Sched

More Info: Nagpur-based, SHDLR consists of 15-20 employees in its current team.

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Subillion Enterprises,is a virtual stock &social gamification platform For beginners and professionals with social trading included so that young generation can also learn how stock market works. It provides solutions for those novice investors who want to test their skills with a virtual trading platform and is mainly targeting financial market students.

What problems it is solving: Through its Subillion platform any new investor can understand that what are the various events that can affect the market & what can be the safest step to convert investment into profit.

Main Competitors: ,,

More Info: New Delhi-headquartered, Subillion Enterprises was launched by Founder & CEO Subir Singh and COO Deepak Agarwal.

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