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Sony is Shutting Down its Virtual World ‘PlayStation Home’ in Asia

Sony is closing down its PlayStation Home in Asia by March 2015, but the service will continue in America and Europe. The company didn’t disclose why it’s closing the online game, but last year it announced about 31 million players worldwide.

PlayStation Home began in 2008 and service is free to everyone, with in-game purchases available for costumes etc. But now in Japan and rest of Asia, users can purchase items until September 24, after this no item will be sold and service will completely close next year in March.

For those who will miss the game or haven’t tried it yet, it’s competitor game SecondLife is very much up and running globally.


PlayStation Home also wrote in Google Post that:

We would like to thank sincerely that PlayStation®Home closed β test since the start of August 2008, we received patronage more than six years than everyone of the user. Towards everyone that you have gotten enjoy the services of PlayStation®Home, and we are now preparing to perform a “large-scale events of last resort”. Again, you will be notified by PlayStation®Home official website for further details of the event. 

Is the only remaining until the end of service, but, as you will for your patronage, thank you a PlayStation®Home until the end. 

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