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ShopClues deploys Decision Support System for speedy deliveries at lower cost

shopcluesShopClues, Indian online marketplace, announces the deployment of the Decision Support System (DSS) at the back-end that enables the automatic selection of the most suitable courier partner for delivering a product. This intelligent support system will bring operational efficiency for ShopClues that services over 70,000 peak orders in a day.

This DSS feature has been built in-house by the ShopClues team with the objective of eliminating the inefficiencies involved in manual selection of the courier partner for each order placed on the site. DSS will help in reducing courier costs and delivery time, since the most efficient and cost-effective courier partner will be selected by an automatic process.

The benefits of the augmented efficiency will be passed on directly to customers resulting in better savings and an enhanced shopping experience for them. It will also induce transparency in selection of the courier partner and will allow improved management of the growing business volume on,” said Sanjay Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder, ShopClues.

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Our network of +12 courier partners delivers to nearly 15,000 destinations across India – which is the largest for any e-commerce site in the country. While the DSS will bring operational efficiency for us, it will allow merchants to offer improved delivery terms to customers on our platform,” he added.

The system’s weighted decision-making method removes the manual intervention in courier selection and arrives at the most-suited courier partner using a pre-defined algorithm. The system will work at the back-end in alignment with ShopClues Velocity for offering better service to all merchants selling on this platform.

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DSS is expected to enable efficient service on high-value orders and reduce the number of cases where an order is returned from the courier hub due to value restrictions. The system captures the maximum values serviceable, as defined by each courier partner. The DSS will also help ShopClues to handle embargo situations effectively – so, if a courier goes out of service then one can switch them off instantaneously. With this improved efficiency, the patrons of can look forward to an enhanced experience of shopping from the site.

ShopClues ships in over 15k cities across India and has thousands of online stores.

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