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NxtGen Partners with Indusface to Secure its Customers Applications

NxtGen and Indusface have announced a strategic partnership to advance application security across NxtGen’s cloud infrastructure to secure its customers from cyber threats and DDoS attacks.


Indusface will enable its portfolio of security-as-a-services for NxtGen customers of all sizes to help detect, defend and protect against application vulnerabilities. As per the terms of the partnership, all NxtGen customers will receive a free application security assessment that provides them visibility into the risk levels of their data center applications.

“We are pleased to have forged this partnership with NxtGen – Businesses today need the agility to continuously identify security issues and take the necessary steps to mitigate threats. With Indusface customers can gain unprecedented visibility into the security vulnerabilities in their environments to take the appropriate remediation actions to safeguard their critical assets at all times”, said Ashish Tandon, CEO & Founder, Indusface.“Gartner emphasizes that 75% of cyber attacks take place at the web application layer. In our experience almost 8 in 10 critical vulnerabilities remained unpatched for more than 30 days, permitting dangerous exposures, hampering efficiency and usability”.

Speaking about the value of the partnership with Indusface, Mr. A.S. Raj Gopal, Managing Director & CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies said, “For a majority of organizations today, their core applications run on IT platforms either co-located off premise, in the cloud or on-premise (e.g. via NxtGen OPDC type of solutions), and their security and uninterrupted availability determines major business outcomes. Indusface’ Security-as-a-service offering helps us to scan, identify and mitigate web app vulnerabilities and associated data integrity risks seamlessly. It brings an unparalleled combination of scalability and simplicity to web app security. Our deployment of IndusGuard WAF ensures that NxtGen systems are maintained to the level of security and regulatory compliance that customers need and demand”.

He further added, We have seen customers welcoming this partnership. All NxtGen external sites and over a dozen customer applications, hosted by NxtGen, have already benefited from Indusface’s application security solutions and services.

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