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Line Launches a Selfie App B612 for iOS

Japanese messaging company, Line has introduced a new camera app today made for selfies, named B612. The app is recommended for those who want to take self shots with pre loaded filters.

B612 was named for one of the planets that the prince from the novella “The Little Prince” lived on. The selfie app  is currently available for iOS only. It uses the front-facing camera only and allows users to take a photo by just tapping the screen, so there are no confusing settings required, Line wrote in a Blog Post.


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According to the Company’s Blog, the users can take many photos because unneeded photos won’t be saved to their folder, for saving a nice shot one just has to tap the Save button at the bottom right corner.


The app has 43 filters and users can choose any filter according to their mood by swiping across the screen.


The camera app also comes with a collage feature for uploading the photos to blogs or social networking sites by tapping the the icon at the bottom left of the screen before taking a photo, the company’s explains.


It is interesting that Line, which has its maximum number of users in the Asia-Pacific region has not released its new app for Android first. Ironically, the regions where Line has maximum penetration are Android dominated, so is this a strategy to tap into the Western markets?

To download the app for your iOS device, click here


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