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Jabong Comes Closer to the Customers with its ‘Next Door’ Deliveries

download-1Indian internet retailer, Jabong, is planning for its ‘Next Door” deliveries service in 39 towns, including Murshidabad in West Bengal, Chandausi in Uttar Pradesh, Dahod in Gujarat and Udhampur in Jammu & Kashmir, reports TOI. The service is expected to start this week, it will enable customers to pick up online ordered products at the nearest coffee shop, petrol station or tour operator.

The firm is planning a series of processes for the pick up service and will help the company to keep track of orders reaching the pickup centre. Partners will be paid for every order which they will provide to the customers.

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While its competitors are playing with one day deliveries, Jabong has come up with this model. Amazon too is testing a pickup service in Delhi and Mumbai and running a pilot in Bangalore for picking orders from small retail shops.

Now when the Indian consumers have gotten used to receiving the orders at the comfort of their homes, will they really want to step out and collect it? At the same time it is pretty convenient for the working professionals who are not around when the delivery boy comes knocking, and want to get the product at their own time.

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