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Google Offers App Promotion Ads on Search and YouTube

Google rolled out app promotion features in this June on the Google’s mobile AdMob Network at it’s I/O developer conference. In order to allow developers and advertisers to promote their apps on Google Search and YouTube, yesterday the company introduced 3-Step app install ads, as reported by The Next Web.


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Google is expected to suggest some keywords for app install campaigns in search on Google Play and Google Search. Search ads will be shown only to those people who don’t have install this app. But for those who already have a large user base for their app then according to TheNextWeb, they can now deep link users directly from Google Search into specific pages of apps they’ve already installed.

On YouTube, People can promote their app via True View ads, the ads work by linking the app ID to TrueView by people when they are watching their favorite videos based on their interests and demographics.

With this roll out, Google introduces three new improvements:

1. Better Discovery: Businesses looking to promote app installs on the AdMob network can reach people who are their most likely customers, based on the apps they use, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they make. On YouTube, app installs as an enhancement to the current TrueView offering.

2. Easier re-engagement:  Mostly businesses are able to get their apps onto a device, but might never see their customer again. The new app re-engagement campaign type in AdWords for both search and display so that consumers can be taken directly into already-installed apps.

3. Enhanced measurement: In AdWords users will soon be able to measure conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app – from install to re-engagement to in-app purchases.

The company is “doing some tests to help businesses run consistent ad campaigns across a device’s mobile browser and mobile apps,” a spokesperson told Ad Age, reports Marketing Land.

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