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Election Commission of India to launch video game to generate awareness among teenagers

election-commission-to-launch-video-game-to-generate-awareness-among-childrenThe Election Commission of India (ECI) is expected to launch a video game to generate awareness among teenagers and planning to tap first-time voters in the 18-19 age group, as per an Economic Times report. According to Akshay Rout, director general of the Election Commission, said, “The video game, designed with the creat ive inputs of SPAN Communications and financial support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will be launched later this year.”

Initially, the video game is expected to be available on e-kiosks at airports and offices or it can be downloaded from the poll panel’s website. ECI is also planning to make the game available on mobile phones.

“The EC believes in starting early when it comes to creating awareness about elections and voting. We are coming up with some ‘edutainment’ material for children and teenagers along with UNDP. The video game will be launched as part of this initiative,” Akshay told ET.

There are ten levels in this game and each level has a theme such as voter registration or eligibility and players have to find their way through a maze to a door for going to the next level.

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More from Economic Times“During this journey, whenever the player earns a point by collecting a prized fruit or item, tidbits of information about the electoral process will pop up on the screen,” said an EC official who is not authorised to speak on behalf of the poll panel. 

The poll panel’s plan to target children and youngsters is not limited to gaming. It also plans to approach the Modi government to press for inclusion of electoral awareness content in NCERT history and civics textbooks.

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