Contify Launches Information as a Service Platform; Targets Lucrative Competitive Intelligence Space

New Delhi based SaaS startup, Contify, has launched an enterprise grade competitive intelligence (CI) platform to cater to the large organisations dealing with the job of identifying, sourcing, curating, and disseminating critical business information, across several functions.

What is Contify?

Found in 2009 as a content syndication business, Contify is a product company focused in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.  It offers an intelligence platform to enable businesses to monitor their competitors, customers and industries along with critical market variables that impact ones business.

The company has combined technology with human curation, to monitor different streams and sources of data on the World Wide Web to analyse the unstructured information and produce actionable competitive insights for its clients.

The team says “While algorithms handle the sizable task of harnessing information on the Internet for anything that might be important to a business, the subjective task of determining what is absolutely relevant for a specific business function or senior management within the organization is carried out by a team of analysts. Additionally, users have the ability to upload internally generated intelligence (from the field, primary research undertakings, special reports, etc.) making Contify a centralized interface for accessing actionable information.

Depending upon the client’s requirements it delivers intelligence through a cloud application which features dashboards, aggregated feeds, newsletter creator, and several collaboration capabilities. Users can also create RSS feeds and set email alerts for updates on the information that is important for them on a daily basis.

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What Problems is it Solving?

There are three main areas Contify is looking to resolve – Information overload, Intelligence fragmentation and Leveraging online information in a business specific context.

Rather than focusing on something general like Industry news, we found that deeper information about only the competitors is more relevant and valuable to the customer.

The company started out as as an industry news product but that didn’t work out well for it, as companies did not place ‘news’ very highly in their decision making value chain. To correct the error, they aligned the product development around customer feedback and gradually narrowed down the use cases to build the current CI product, which arose out the team’s work on content marketing and media monitoring services they were doing for the existing customers.


Who is it Competing with?

It is competing with other CI software companies like First Rain, Global Intelligence Alliance, Comintelli, Clear CI and Cortex Intelligence. However, it boasts its customizability to be a feature that makes it stand out. It supports custom taxonomy which is uniquely defined for each organization and complies with its internal functions and business units. This ensures that CI is not delivered based on standard definitions and parameters but within the proper context of the client’s business.

 Which Market is it Addressing?

Even though the product is industry agnostic, the primary target market comprises of large enterprises that have multiple product / service lines and business verticals. A few of the clients have deployed Contify across their global office including all of South East Asia and the US.

Direct From the CEO

“Our market intelligence platform is the final outcome of several iterations over past few years and has been launched after closely working with few customers. Businesses don’t want general information. They want information that has been customized to their unique business objectives. They want information that goes beyond news. And they want it tailored to different divisions within the organizations. The product that delivers this can be robust and standard but not the information. These are the insights that form the base of our product and we’re happy to see that for all the customers who’re using Contify, it’s solving an immediate problem that impacts productivity.” – Mohit Bhakuni, Founder and CEO, Contify

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