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Asus to Unveil its First Smartwatch Next Week

Taiwanese firm, Asus is planning to launch its first smart-watch next week at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. The company has revealed details on the Twitter.

According to a Tech Crunch report, Asus Wearable device will be Android based with an AMOLED screen at a price between USD 99 and USD 149, below those of the current crop of launch devices from LG, Motorola and Samsung.

Hence, this smartwatch will be pocket-friendly for wearable enthusiasts, and also for those who are not willing to shell out a lot of money for just trying if want a new gadget. The entire specifications and features will be revealed in the event itself.

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In first week of June, Asus had also unveiled a hybrid device which  combines  laptop, tablet and mobile phones in its transformer book series.

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    Here’s hoping that Asus Wearable will be compatible with the Asus Transformer Book V. But the real issue here is that nearly 3 months later, Asus have still made no announcements regarding the availability of the Transformer Book V! Meanwhile, it’s competitors are surpassing its specs and getting products on the shelves. It’s all well and good announcing a fantastic product, but it needs to follow through. I hope they announce compatibility and a release date at the Asus presentation at IFA 2014.

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