Less than 10,000 Mi 3 Units Were Sold When Flipkart Went Out of Stock

Few days back, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi had announced its entry into India through an exclusive partnership with Flipkart. On the day of the launch, this Indian eCommerce site crashed because of the heavy traffic it received to buy the phone, and in about half an hour, all pieces were sold out.

However, even though ‘Sold Out’ in 30 minutes made big news, under 10,000 pieces were sold in that span, as reported by GSM ArenaOne can’t undermine even this number, but Xiaomi received over 100,000 pre-registrations between July 15 and July 21. for the Mi 3 prior to its going on sale, and this batch didn’t even cover 10% of the demand.

The next sale of the Xiaomi Mi3 on Flipkart will begin on July 29 at 12pm, and registrations for the smartphone will begin a day in advance. It is expected that at least 90,000 people in India still wants to buy Xiaomi’s Mi3 handset. But there is a possibility that due to this outage and delay in stock, some might lose the enthusiasm to buy it.


The e-commerce retailer’s website crased frequently due to volume of traffic for the selling of the device. On the site crash, the spokesperson said, “Based on the phenomenal response we saw during the registration phase, we had anticipated a traffic spike and had scaled up our web services accordingly. But the number of customers who logged in immediately after the phone went live on our site caused the process to slow down for a while. We are expanding our capacity to provide a smoother shopping experience the next time.”

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GSM Arena says:  If Xiaomi continues to keep the batches of devices it releases in India very small, it risks eventually angering its prospective customers over there.

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