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World Cup 2014 is the Biggest Event in the History of Facebook

The World Cup is pleasing a lot of people, but Facebook seems to be pleased the most.

Facebook has announced on Monday that the FiFa World Cup 2014 has generated more than 1 billion interactions on its site, which makes it the largest event in the history of the social networking site. 

According to data by Facebook, about 220 million people have made World Cup-related posts, comments and likes in course of conversations since the tournament started in June. And engagement on Facebook during the knockout matches have really pushed the figures up to that historic 1 billion. 

However, it is somehow interesting that these 220 million people talking about the World Cup on Facebook are just 17% of the site’s total user base. One doesn’t know what to say about this – whether to congratulate Facebook on its popularity or to wonder about the popularity of the World Cup, whether to assume that only so many people are soccer fans in the world today or to suppose that only so many people talk about it on the social media. 

Nevertheless, the World Cup has totally overshadowed other popular Facebook moments in the past year. The Winter Olympics in Sochi generated just 120 million responses from 45 million people; the Super Bowl influenced 185 million interactions from 50 million users. 

The popularity of the World Cup, it seems, is mainly due to the star players who are a part of it, especially those from the host country, Brazil. The 22-year-old Brazilian striker, Neymar, has been the subject of the 10 most popular posts on Facebook on the World Cup so far. Another Brazilian player, David Luiz, was the topic of five of the 20 most popular ones. 

What Facebook has to say about this :Facebook generally sees a large amount of conversation around sporting events, but the World Cup has proven to be a unique moment. Facebook’s data editors have never measured an event — sports or otherwise — that has topped a billion interactions.

On Saturday, more than 31 million people had 75 million interactions (posts, comments, and likes) related to the match between Brazil and Chile. The nail biter saw the second-highest level of conversation for any World Cup match that Facebook’s data team has measured to date.”

Sum-ups : 

Top 20 Facebook player posts with the most likes:

Neymar – 7
David Luiz – 5
Leo Messi – 4
Cristiano Ronaldo – 3
Bastian Schweinsteiger – 1

Eleven player posts have more than a million likes:

Neymar – 7
Leo Messi – 3
Cristiano Ronaldo – 1

The World Cup frenzy is not confined to only Facebook, though. In the months before the FiFa World Cup 2014 began, Google reported that the number of searches on the topic “World Cup” was greater than the combined total for the Super Bowl, Tour de France and the 2012 Olympics. On the other hand, World Cup-related tweets are also breaking records. Twitter carried more than 16 million tweets, or about 389,000 tweets per minute, during the Brazil-Chile game, shattering the record set in February during the Super Bowl.

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The Al-Jazeera America says : “The globalization of communications and the arrival of social media will help us to tell more and better stories of the World Cup and its meanings, in more interesting, reflective and democratic ways than we have done in the past; but if, when required, we do not stop talking and posting and start just watching and being in the game, we will have no stories to tell with poetry.”

The Wall Street Cheat Sheet says :Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so it is no huge surprise that this year’s tournament is generating so much content. Facebook credits Brazil as being a huge driver of social media traffic on its platform. As both the host country and a favorite to win the World Cup, it is hardly surprising that so much traffic is coming from that region of the world, from both Brazilian citizens and World Cup game attendees alike.” 

Reuters India says :Facebook’s record numbers were possible because of widespread mobile penetration. Seven out of 10 users globally connect to the network from mobile devices, which represent roughly 60 percent of the company’s ad revenue.

There is also soccer’s global appeal. The first week of the World Cup alone saw 459 million interactions on Facebook, more than this year’s Super Bowl, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and the Academy Awards combined.

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