Tecsol Software to Introduce Context Based Ads on Smartwatches

In order to grow with the rise of wearable devices, Bangalore-based tech firm, Tecsol Software is in plans to introduce contextual ads on smartwatches. Ads on wearable devices will likely be contextual and personalized based on where you are and what you are doing. For example: if users are planning to meet a friend and weather app on smartwatch says it is a clear warm evening, then marketers could utilise the opportunity like shown below:


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The developed smartwatches will come with features to measure pulse rate, blood pressure, user’s activity levels, psycho-physiological conditions as well as to determine whether the person is hungry or tired or even bored based on scientific research data from the past.

Tecsol Software also delivering solutions for mobile, web, social, cloud and connected-devices. Launched in 2009, it has delivered more than 500 projects and acquired over 300 customers.

Your Story says: The idea would be for the wearable to use some of your data to offer personalised suggestions. “Visual ads are the preferred mode although we do not see media type as a constraint. If there is a way to push customized visual ads, there is certainly a way to push auditory adverts as well. However we are yet explore use-cases for auditory adverts,” said Manjunath  Padigar during a chat regarding the medium on which these ads could be presented.

More from company’s BlogAt Tecsol Software, our engineering and marketing teams are brainstorming together to get a feel of how we can leverage Android Wear as a platform for marketers. While we continue to work on our efforts be the first company to introduce ad engine for wearable devices, we’d love your contributions with ideas, thoughts on challenges and risks with using Moto 360 as an advertisement platform.

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