Startup Showcase: Software Suggest,, and Transround

Software Suggest is Indian market place for business software. It provides a quick review of the most suitable software to help in streamlining business processes for India’s enterprises. SoftwareSuggest eases organisations from those tedious software decisions, with software available for Accounting, ERP, CRM, HRM, Campus Management or e-commerce.


The firm was founded by  Ankit Dudhwewala and Piyush Patel and has researched data on business functions like accounting, human resource management, CRM etc. Going ahead, it wants to increase the business functions to focus on & increase the depth of its research. It also aims at collecting user reviews on business software. The company is already working on setting up a call centre were businesses can straight away call and can get free consultation on business software.

What problems it is solving: In India, for Small and Medium business, selecting Business Software is a complex procedure, as a dedicated CTO or CIO is missing. Software Suggest aims at simplifying this process.
New-Delhi based in an online shop in India for musical instruments – guitars, keyboards, drums, accessories, amplifiers and studio equipments. The company is a team of musicians, music teachers, businessmen and technologists with deep experience in every aspect of the music instrument industry from retail selling to music teaching. is competing with and, and is a venture of Abhishek Singh Bailoo, IIT Kanpur graduate, with 11 years of experience in technology companies, startups and consulting.

What problems it is solving: Online sellers of musical instruments abound but customer experience is bad. It takes more than 14 days to deliver and have countless stories of the company unable to ship after taking payment.
Investors and Advisors: Rouble Chowdhury, Founder Anand Shenoy, Founder and Sonu Agarwal, Founder
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PickParcel is an online platform where the user enters the origin, destination and weight of their shipment and gets a quick quote to book the service of a reputed courier company instantly at discounted rates. There are lots of options available for the user to choose from, be it price constraint, time constraint or be it a specific mode of shipment for carrying the goods(like for liquids, surface is the safest carrier mode). The rates that the firm offer its users are heavily discounted from the rates that the courier company offers them at their own service counters. There is no hassle of going to the courier company’s office, everything will be done by them from door to door at no extra cost.
What problems it is solving: It mainly has two target segments. First are the online sellers and retailers who ship few or may be very few parcels in a week for which the courier companies do not provide them with discounted rates but they ought to have slashed shipping costs otherwise they would make a loss on every order they fulfil. These sellers can book their shipments directly from the website at discounted prices.
Second are the common people who do not have any fixed shipping carrier, who go to the courier company’s office and book the parcel or document directly. Problems they face are

1. Very limited options available. Offices of courier companies that are nearby is where people approach whether they like the service of that company or not.
2. Pay whatever amount the courier person asks, no discounts, amount can be anything if the parcel is urgent.
3. Users need to actually go to the courier company’s office and start the process.
It solves the above mentioned problems by providing a mechanism for quickly getting the most economical courier quotes.


 Transround is a startup company founded in November 2013 that connects smartphone users, apps and developers in all languages by creating and distributing app localizations as digital content.
At present, the company is using Android base technologies: Java, Code Injection and AspectJ.

What problems it is solving: This app can translate from 13 languages to 13 languages (continuously developing). Android users are very heterogenous in languages, but apps are only available only in 2-3 big languages. Nativer solves the problem of language barriers. Transround connects smartphone users, apps and developers on all language markets.

Key services offered: Transround’s solution delivers user feedback to developers to size the localization opportunity; implements on-device translation and dynamic distribution technology. It completely separates the localization work from the software development process ensuring streamlined change management and lets developers focus on their core business. Transround turns localization into a content product so the service is sustainable and free for developers.

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