Startup Showcase: Picsell, Muslate, Perigreen and PlanitWide

Muslate is an online start-up which is all about music. It provides a platform to the budding artists and music lovers where artists can share their music with listeners and listeners can listen to the music they like and connect with their favorite artists.


The site has 130 registered artists. And has over 3000 audio tracks uploaded on its platform, which consists of music  uploaded by both Artists & Listeners. One can stream these songs from anywhere on the go.

Key Services Offered: For Listeners- Muslate lets its listeners Listen, Organize & Share their music as they have their own cloud available, in which they can store their music, organize it and can share from other users as well.
For Artists – Muslate lets artists to create an artist profile through which they can share their music with thousands of listeners and can share updates etc just like a social network.

What problems is it solving: There is a need for an integrated platform where listener is listening to fresh and new music but is also free to listen what he wants to listen, and the upcoming artists have a place to showcase their talent. Muslate is trying to provide that. It’s competing with the likes of, Songdew, Saavn etc.


Picsell is a service that makes selling used stuff online as simple as taking a picture. The average American household has over USD 3,000 of used items lying around in the attic, the garage or the basement closet. Most people don’t have the time or interest to register an account, read through directions, and list their items on C2C marketplaces. Picsell is trying to eliminate this problem.


All customers need to do is send three photos of their product, tell the brand and model to the company, and it lists the product for them. Picsell has a team of sellers, uses a program for appraising sales, and have power seller ratings. Once the item is sold, the firm willl send the customer a pre-paid shipping label. When the item is shipped, the seller will be paid for it. It ensure the highest price for the item, so the customer will receive maximum profit.

Picsell was founded by CEO and Co-founder Ofir Almagor, Co-founder and Lead Mobile Engineer Eric Schlanger and CTO David Mazvovsky. The firm had raised Seed funding from Dreamit Ventures.

What problems it is solving: The firm is trying to simplify the individual selling process: sellers no longer have to deal with pricing doubts, average sellers don’t have to compete with super-sellers (sellers with high ratings), and sellers won’t have to deal with miscommunications with buyers. The average person will be empowered to sell their things without having to give up as much time and effort into selling it themselves.


Perigreen Safe Foods


Perigreen Safe Foods deals in healthy and eco-friendly food products by integrating the supply chain from Farmer to customer. It works with primary producers and collectors of various types of foods for their betterment.


Hyderabad-based Perigreen Safe Foods launched in August 2011, as a venture of three – Krishna Mohan, Jaya Lakshmi and Nikhil Kuruganti.


safe food

Key services offered: Affordable Healthy Food

Technology used: Building better logistics, farmer relations, farm-cluster development
Main Competitors: 24 Letter Mantra Organic Down to Earth Organics
Investors and Advisors: Strategic tie ups NG Ranga Agricultural University on technology transfer.


PlanitWide is a is a way to search for the best travel websites, books & apps. It aims to serve any type of traveler, budget, preference or trip faster and better than any product or service currently available

Arlington-based PlanitWide is a venture of Anuj Adhiya, Porus Daruvala and Kunal Bhende.
What problems it is solving: The firm is trying to solve three problems everyone faces when using general web search engines to do travel research: • Wasting time thinking of & typing multiple keyword combinations for every part of a trip • Needing to click on each result because of having no way to filter for relevance & utility • Being overwhelmed with hundreds of pages of uncategorized results
Key services offered: It’s solution is a proprietary vertical search engine that makes these problems redundant by: • Eliminating the need to even type keywords to find information for ALL aspects of a trip • Displaying personalized results in order of their usefulness based on community voting. • Creating well categorized short lists of results that are easy to digest on a single page
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