Startup Showcase: Livehealth, Vibe, Gradestack Learning, Mycampusing and Medicaljobcity


Livehealth is an early stage startup, founded in Oct. 2013 by three enthusiasts. It is based in Pune and currently have a team of 8 people.

live health

What problems it is solving: At Livehealth, the team want to make people health management simple. The problem it is trying to solve is very simple but yet very essential, and that problem is of personally controlled Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Pune based, Livehealth was founded by Co-founder & CEO Abhimanyu Bhosale, Co-founder & Product Development Mukund Malani and Co-founder & Business Development Sanket Savla. The uses tha technologies such as Python, Django, Javascript, HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap. It having main competitor as DocEngage Practo.

Key services offered: EMR for Patients Complete CRM for Health Providers


Vibe is a way to know Everything about your contacts.. From an email address vibe fetches complete details about a person including his social profiles , professional history, topics of interests etc.

Kochi-based Vibe was launched by Arjun, Anoop, Jofin and Nithin. The firm uses Python technology and having competitor as Rapportive.


What problems it is solving: People behind email, people search

“While all existing sales tools focus on managing processes, Vibe was built to focus on the subtler and the more important human aspect of understanding people”, explains Arjun Pillai, one of the Founders of Vibe.

Vibe has handy features like connecting with people via Linkedin and adding contacts to the address book right from the application window. The team is geared to scale the offering with lot more interesting integrations and platforms for delivery in the near future.

“The overwhelming response and those appreciative notes we received through our support channels help us understand the need for such a product in the market”, says Arjun Pillai.

From an email address, Vibe will find all the first level details like name, designation, work history and social media handles. As a next level offering, Vibe will analyse the public activity of the person to give influencer scores and even the person’s general topics of interest.

Gradestack Learning

GradeStack is an educational companion which helps them discover courses of their choice and connect with their peers who are studying similar courses on Mobile based platform.

It is a mobile education startup founded in 2013 by Vibhu Bhushan, Sanjeev Kumar and Shobhit Bhatnagar. The firm aims to take education mobile, making smartphones and tablets a digital companion for students to learn, practice and connect with others who are learning.

The company had raised INR 76 lakh in Seed round  from Times Internet. Till date, It have partnerships with over 10 major institutes and publishers and are talking to many more to bring their content to our platform. Having launched over 50 courses in school, test prep and professional courses we have over 500,000 registered learners.


What problems it is solving: GradeStack is an educational companion which helps them discover courses of their choice and connect with their peers who are studying similar courses. The courses are built in partnership with existing publisher who can get their existing print/ digital content to build courses that are delivered on mobile devices. Gradestack is providing a platfrom to learn and share on the go.

Key services offered: It offer the user a learning platform with text, images, videos, flashcards, assessments and discussions that makes learning a lot more fun.
Technology used: Gradestack is using mobile learning platform with text, images, videos, flashcards, assessments and discussions that makes learning a lot more fun.
Main Competitors: Within India there is Vedantu which is in a similar space but with focus on a licensing model. A couple of test prep start-ups like Toppr, Embibe and Meritnation also operate in categories similar to ours but they are more web focused.
Medicaljobcity is a healthcare focused job portal catering the over 20% CAGR healthcare sector is experiencing. Founded by Nitin (IIT Roorkee & MBA (National University of Singapore – NUS) and Abhinav (MBA NUS) and Batch 1 EiR GSF Accelerator the venture has shown tremendous growth in last 1 year since inception. The site witness’s more than 60,000 page views from 25,000+ visitors.
The company uses the technologies like PHP, MySQL, WordPress and having competitors as Naukri, Harneedi & other jobsites. Till date, it’s services is adopted by around 15,000 users.
What problems it is solving: It is solving the problem of lack of discovery of quality healthcare and medical professionals especially for the requirement in non-metro cities of India.
Key services offered: 1.Database search of quality screened candidates. 2. Promoting job requirements of hospitals/consultants through social and professional networks enabling deep candidate search 3. Linking potential job seekers to the best jobs in the industry
Mycampusing provide a full-fledged guidance to aspiring professionals by imparting quality education, presenting them with a platform for self-development and enabling them to become proficient professionals. To become an eminent educational group that works towards an overall advancement of the students with the aim of helping them to achieve their dream jobs and career track.
Kolkata-Headquartered MyCampusing had secured INR 1 lakh led by Bootstrapped and uses technologies PHP & MySQL. It also having another competitor such as Erudite.
What problems it is solving: MyCampusing gives end-to-end solution to campus placement preparation. By end-to-end we mean anything and everything related to placement is taken care of by us. Students have lot of confusion about the entire process of campusing. Even in the best of the colleges best of the students find it difficult to get full information on how to prepare and what to prepare for the placements. MyCampusing is here to solve this.
Key services offered: It provide full-fledged solution for the preparation for campus placement. It’s services will start much before the actual preparation of placement starts and we will provide preparation, information and support to students in all the phases of placement – Eligibility Criteria, Aptitude, GD, PI, and Resume Building etc. Students will have solution to everything related to campus placements under one roof. Even at 2am in the night if a student is unable to solve some aptitude problem or is unsure about something they can reach out to us. We will definitely help.
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