Startup Showcase:, Survey42 and Extra Tickets is an online rental marketplace for various products. This website is an attempt to organize the rental marketplace in India and promote the idea of renting products to save money and space. Users are being given a platform where they can upload their personal products and give them on rent to those who need it for a short period.

The portal lists all kinds of products that are provided on rent by various vendors and individuals across various categories like Furniture, Appliances, Adventure Gear, Fancy Dress, Wedding Chairs and Tables, Medical Supplies and more.

Bangalore-headquartered is founded by Nikhil Chhabra and has raised INR 6 lakh for growth purpose. The company uses technologies like  LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack and deals with competitors such as,

The website currently lists more than 700 products by 75 vendors from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR and Mumbai across rental categories like Furniture, Appliances, Wheelchairs, Computers, Costumes, Bikes,  Wedding Supplies, Musical Instruments, Adventure Gear, Tools and more.

What problems it is solving: 1) Wastage of money on buying products required for short duration

2) Lack of awareness about renting as an option
3) Challenges in finding the options for rental products
4) Products being used occasionally will either occupy space or be sold


Key services offered: 1) List of products available on rent
2) Platform for renting professionals to showcase their products
3) Platform for individuals to rent out their personal products

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Survey42 is an online telephone survey building tool which let you create telephone surveys in more than 20 languages. Unlike other survey mediums, you can get results in a matter of hours not days.


Gurgaon-based Survey42 was founded by Amit Gupta and has raised around USD 20,000. It uses NodeJS technology for building its tools.
What problems it is solving: 1) Abstraction of IVR – It takes money and energy for companies to currently setup even a simple survey.

2) Ease of use – There is no self-serve tool available today. Most of such tool require involvement of one of more technology guy to help. The tool is built considering the \”end customer\” – that means someone from marketing department with no tech knowledge can setup surveys and launch it.
3) Multi Language – How would you launch a survey in some non-english language like French ? Well, currently they hire a voice artist to record these voices. We have made this process easier. Just choose your language, type in your survey and launch.


Key services offered: 1) Multi Language Survey
2) Easy to use survey system
3) Live Report

Extra Tickets

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HRP Technologies Pvt Ltd is a technology company and has launched its first portal for event ticketing solution, Extra Tickets. It is planning to reach out to the small event organisers and to all the people who have talent and who want to host their events on a bigger scale.


Mumbai-based, HRP Technologies Pvt Ltd was launched by Co-Founders  Hardik Shah, Piyansh Mantry and  Rushit Vakil. The company uses technologies such as Linux and PHP and have competitors such as

What problems it is solving: 1) Makes it easy to host events online
2) Direct availability of payment options-both for the host and the ticket buyers.
3) Also solving the mass extra ticketing problem, where all the spare tickets can be listed online and sold to people who require it.


Key services offered: Event creation, dedicated event page, with all the payment gateway options.


Investors and Advisors: Advisor’s from sundaram groups.


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