Samsung to Launch ‘Gear VR’ Virtual Reality Headset at IFA 2014

Samsung is expected to launch  ‘Gear VR’ Virtual Reality Handset alongside Galaxy Note 4 at the IFA consumer electronics trade show to be held in Berlin in September. The handset will have sensors integrated in the smartphone to track motion, consisting of a modular design that will allow users to dock in a Galaxy device into the Gear VR via USB 3.0 and has an AMOLED display technology. Below is an image published by SAMMobile which is a first preview of the upcoming gadget.


This design should allow Samsung to massively cut down manufacturing costs and introduce the headset at a low cost. However, it’s Samsung, and Samsung usually doesn’t like to equip its first product in a new product category with an inexpensive price tag. You might say that this is exactly like Google’s Cardboard VR headset, which was handed out to I/O 14 attendees, and you would be right! The main concept behind Gear VR is the same,” said by the report.

The headset includes a small window for the rear-facing camera, to offer a video feed of the real outside world and an elastic head band and soft padded cushions on each side to ensure that it’s comfortable to wear for the users. Samsung is designing the hardware itself and working with Oculus VR to develop the software.

Soon after the announcement of ‘Gear Wear’ at the IFA, Samsung will reportedly make the Gear VR SDK for developers and more apps like Theatre, 360 Player, and Gallery. Earlier, the company had unveiled  its UI in 9 Indian languages for its smartphones and tablet users. also, it had introduced two mid-segment smartphones in India – both under INR 8500. Recently, Samsung had acquired New York based social-video startup Shellby.TV and unveiled health tracking device in May, 2014. It is also planning to launch Gear Glass in September and launched  Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with Super AMOLED display and fingerprint scanner in the last month.

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NDTV Gadgets says: The rumoured Samsung Gear VR headset is said to provide virtual reality effect via head tracking, using the smartphone’s various sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and processing power to track head motion.

The leaked image of the alleged Samsung Gear VR headset purportedly shows its design and form factor. The right of the alleged Gear VR headset is said to house a see-through button (that will use the docked smartphone’s rear camera sensor to supply video feed to the device). Samsung is also said to include a touchpad below the see-through button, which is expected to come handy for navigating the UI on the docked Galaxy smartphone.

Closely following on the lines of the company’s Gear wearables, the alleged Gear VR is also expected to get its dedicated section, including apps for the virtual reality headset.

Forbes says: It’s really not surprising that mobile solutions like Cardboard from Google and Gear VR from Samsung would ship before the more elaborate (and one expects much more expensive) offerings from Oculus and Sony. It’s certainly interesting to watch the virtual reality arms race take off with such gusto.

How mobile-based virtual reality solutions, including apps and games, will compare to what we’ll see on consoles and PC is another question. Either way, unless everyone is very much mistaken, VR is here….or very nearly.

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