Samsung Introduces Remote Test Lab for the Upcoming Tizen-based Smartphone Samsung Z

Samsung has revealed a Remote Test Lab for developers to test their apps for the upcoming Tizen-based smartphone- Samsung Z. The pricing of the device and marketing availability are still undisclosed. With the help of this free online service Remote Test Lab developers can test all necessary softwares on the virtual Samsung Z. This is required because smartphone runs company’s operating system Tizen which had made its debut in wearable devices last year.


The Test Lab also offers developer features like screen touch, hardware button control, screen quality control, orientation modification, screen capture and video recording along with screen session share, file system access and much more.

The new Samsung Z will come with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen and a 2.3-GHz Quad-core processor and also mounted with a fingerprint recognition sensor. It is expected to design to reduce the turn-on time and for smooth multitasking. In June 2014, Samsung had launched two new tablets Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with Super AMOLED display and fingerprint scanner to compete with Apple iPad.

Earlier, the company had unveiled  its UI in 9 Indian languages for its smartphones and tablet users. also, it had introduced two mid-segment smartphones in India – both under INR 8500. Recently, Samsung had acquired New York based social-video startup Shellby.TV and unveiled health tracking device in May, 2014.

Check out Tizen Remote Test Lab service here

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Tizen Experts says: How to use Remote Test Lab services- After logging onto the Remote Test Lab service, you need to select a target device and also reserve a time slot for your selected device.


  • You need to be a Samsung Developers member in order to use this FREE service.
  • If you have a Java security problem as below, please set Java security level to ‘Medium’ at the Java Control Panel.



TechDissected says: It is no secret that Samsung has been trying to break free of the Android ecosystem for quite some time. While the Samsung  Z may be the first Tizen smartphone, Samsung has already released the Tizen-based Galaxy Gear 2 apart from updating the original Galaxy Gear to run Tizen instead of Android. Samsung also announced Tizen-based Smart TVs this month, planning to put them on sale later this year.

Samsung Z is slated to launch in Russia first before expanding to other markets. Samsung has given a fairly broad Q3 time-frame for the launch, and is believed to be ramping up developer campaigns for native Tizen apps in the meantime.

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