Green Capital: A Private Capital Investments Firm to Help Early Stage Startups Launched

Nitin Shakdher, Ex Vice-President Marketing, Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd., has launched Green Capital, an asset management, private capital investments firm for alternative & traditional investments, early stage start ups investing, hedge fund strategies and knowledge investing.

green capital

The Green Capital group is a private capital investments firm that invests in early stage start ups in the digital media, ecommerce, technology, health & wellness, education services venture businesses. The group’s investment objective is knowledge investing, growth entrepreneurship and capital investments.

It brings together its network of advisors & partners from all fields to pool their skills, experience, knowledge and connections to identify investment opportunities and to help feed, grow and support early stage companies.

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The Green Capital Group has diverse investment interests across all asset classes like: Debt, Equity, commodities, Currency, Real Estate, Alternative Assets.

Speaking on the launch of Green Capital, Nitin Shakdher Founder & CEO: “In today’s ever evolving investments industry there is a need for a neutral, bespoke, boutique private capital asset management firm that goes beyond traditional investments into the areas of niche, sunrise investments like: Alternative investments, early stage start up investments, hedge fund strategies and knowledge investing: Green Capital fulfills that requirement.”

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