Green Capital: A Private Capital Investments Firm to Help Early Stage Startups Launched

Nitin Shakdher, Ex Vice-President Marketing, Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd., has launched Green Capital, an asset management, private capital investments firm for alternative & traditional investments, early stage start ups investing, hedge fund strategies and knowledge investing.

green capital

The Green Capital group is a private capital investments firm that invests in early stage start ups in the digital media, ecommerce, technology, health & wellness, education services venture businesses. The group’s investment objective is knowledge investing, growth entrepreneurship and capital investments.

It brings together its network of advisors & partners from all fields to pool their skills, experience, knowledge and connections to identify investment opportunities and to help feed, grow and support early stage companies.

The Green Capital Group has diverse investment interests across all asset classes like: Debt, Equity, commodities, Currency, Real Estate, Alternative Assets.

Speaking on the launch of Green Capital, Nitin Shakdher Founder & CEO: “In today’s ever evolving investments industry there is a need for a neutral, bespoke, boutique private capital asset management firm that goes beyond traditional investments into the areas of niche, sunrise investments like: Alternative investments, early stage start up investments, hedge fund strategies and knowledge investing: Green Capital fulfills that requirement.”

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