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Landscape Mobile raises USD 1.85M; Launches Pocket like Sight Mobile App

San Francisco and Beijing based company, Landscape Mobile has unveiled an app, Sight (available on iOS and Android), to organize articles on mobile devices. Earlier, it had launched a cloud-based photo gallery service, Ivy Gallery in November 2013. Also, the company has raised USD 1.85 million in Seed round from IDG Capital to improve mobile productivity.


“An image is the new URL on the mobile web,” says Landscape Mobile’s co-founder and chief executive Yue Zhuge. “Because of mobile devices, the image has become so cheap to acquire, store and manipulate and with the development of smart imaging technology, analyzing images has also become easy.”

Landscape Mobile was launched in August 2013 by co-founder and chief executive Yue Zhuge and Tian Bai, a former colleague at Microsoft. Beijing and San Francisco-based startup, Landscape Mobile is a developer of mobile tools that harness the intuitive power of images as well as its core technology is centered on image understanding, searching and readability.

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TechCrunch says: Copying and pasting on mobile devices is a huge pain in the caboose, and Sight solves that problem by allowing users to take a screen shot of whatever they’re reading through the Sight app, which then scours the web for the story and saves it to the app’s own clipboard.

Articles are only the first content that Sight will target. Eventually the company’s smart-imaging identification and retrieval technology could be applied to other areas, like e-commerce.

WSJ says: IPhone users who download Sight, which is available in the Apple Inc’s App Store starting Friday, are able to use the phone to take a photograph of an article on their screens. The app saves a clean copy of the story, stripping out what Dr. Zhuge calls the noise–ads, page dividers and so on–so that users can call it up later. They can read it offline, go to the Web version, and share it or delete it from their Sight list.

Future versions of Sight may be able to automatically recommend and tag content that might interest you, track how many other Sight users have shared the content you choose and much more. The company expects to be guided by users on which features to add and what if anything to charge for them.

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