Indians’ Rank 2nd Worldwide to Store Unprotected Digital Assets

Cyber security firm, McAfee, in its recent online survey, has identified that on an average Indian residents store unprotected digital assets worth INR 25 lakhs (USD 41, 589). This includes data such as documents, videos and photos, reported Times of India.

An increase in the multi-device usage has been seen, over the past few years. However, at the same time concern towards using better secured channels has also reduced.

“As the multi-device usage is turning the central scenario in India, the requisite of comprehensive and all-in-one security throughout devices become paramount, said Jagdish Mahapatra, MD – India & SAARC, McAfee.

The survey reveals that around 29% Indian respondents have personal memories on their digital devices valued between INR 5000-25, 000. As covered by Livemint, 10% said hobbies and projects saved on their digital devices may cost between INR 25,000 and INR 55,000.

Also, 60 percent of respondents admitted that they stored digital assets on devices that would be impossible to re-create, re-download or re-purchase.

The survey included respondents in the age group of 18-65 years, comprising 680 male and 321 females.  The identified risk is second highest in the world after North Americans, who value them at an average INR 31 lakh (USD 52,154).

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