Inbox: An Open Source Platform Trying to Change the Way We Email

San-Francisco-based startup, Inbox has launched a new developer API and cloud service for building a new generation email apps, similar to the newly launched Gmail API, to handle email sending and delivery at one place. It works with Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange & others, providing a single modern API for both consumer and enterprise email accounts.


“Email is the database of your life. It’s the digital home for your conversations, memories, and identity,” said cofounder and CEO, Michael Grinich. “But for developers, working with email is incredibly difficult, and requires learning archaic protocols and formats. The Inbox API solves that, and lets you focus on building your app.”

The Inbox API provides REST endpoints for accessing, modifying, and sending mail, also compatible with more than 300 million estimated email accounts used by businesses worldwide as well as existing providers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

“Fixing bugs in the edge-cases of different email providers, and dealing with their availability and reliability challenges is incredibly hard,” said Matt Goldstein, Engineering Lead at social email startup Cloze. “For anyone that needs email integration as a turnkey add-on, you should really take a look at Inbox.”

Inbox was founded by Michael Grinich, previously worked as an engineer at Dropbox and designer at Nest and Christine Spang, another MIT alum who was an early Linux kernel engineer at Ksplice (acquired by Oracle). The company had secured Seed funding from top-tier investors, including Fuel Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Data Collective, Betaworks, and others.

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More from Press Release: The Inbox sync engine is open source, and currently works with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, soon expanding to all IMAP providers. Enterprise users on Microsoft Exchange may request access to the Inbox Developer Program, which supports ActiveSync and is currently in private beta.

“It’s our belief that to effectively create a new standard, you need to provide the fundamental infrastructure as an open source package,” said Grinich. “The sync engine is available for free on GitHub, and we welcome discussion and pull requests.”

“We’re incredible excited to provide these tools to the world, and we can’t wait to see what people build with them,” said Grinich. “This is the first step toward a bright future for email apps. We’re just getting started.”

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