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Google Launches Augmented-Reality Game ‘Ingress’ for iOS

Google has launched its ‘Ingress’ Augmented-reality game for iOS devices, recently. Earlier, it was available for Android devices from the last two years. Ingress is developed by Google’s Niantic Labs, the same team behind the Field Trip apps for iOS, Android and Google Glass, which also depends on generation of an augmented reality for local discovery.


Ingress is a mobile-based alternate reality game which exploring the real world, traveling to landmarks, explore their neighborhood IRL and capturing them for the faction you’e chosen at the start of the game. The users can hack them to get items, and attack enemy portals to try and strengthen their faction and also join thousands of other users to collectively bring victory to their team.

In this game, players are part of either the resistance or enlightened teams battling to collect and control the powerful ‘Exotic Matter,’ which is virtually located in real-life locations worldwide. Mobile apps are used by the users to play along with a web-based service that helps keep up with the status of games and locations.

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Toucharcade says:  It solves the big problem of location-based games: having no one around to play. Thankfully, there’s an established community of users to chat with and play against. Just have to go outside to do so. At least the game’s free – and with no in-app purchases, either.

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