Fourseven: An Online Jewellery Startup in Emotional Commerce Space

The Indian jewellery market is currently worth more than USD 30 billion. And with online commerce seeking attention, this space has marked the entrance of many players. In line of private label brands, another name is FourSeven, which is trying to replace the ‘e’ in e-commerce with ’emotions’.

Founded by Rebekkah Kumar in 2013, it is based out of Noida and is currently operating primarily online and offline through various exhibitions. It offers a breadth of designs in sterling silver, gold plating, semi-precious stones and other materials, with price points ranging from INR 500 – Rs 20,000.


Keeping its roots close to India, it has been named fourseven after the year India got independence – 1947. Besides keeping the designs with an Indian touch, the startup, through its supply chain, has association with various NGO’s.

When asked how is different than other e-commerce portals, Rebekkah said ‘It is a destination that offers distinctive jewelry to women who choose happy. By choose happy, I mean celebrating the individuality-the things which are unique and special for a women. Every product that we have has an emotional connect. Our jewelry is made for everyone who loves to connect. Our charms strike a conversation. They give us a sense of belonging.’

The startup aims to bring to life those emotive jewellery items that connect with the customer –‘wearable storytelling’ as even though the charms culture is popular in the West, it is still relatively less known here in India.

But since the trend has started catching up, this online jewellery startup gets requests from customers to create personalised charms for them. “We had a customer who was frequent on Facebook. Fourseven reached out to her and asked what other things she wanted to see.  She wanted her perfect charm bracelet that would have ‘her’ charms on it.  One of those things is a DSLR camera because she’s a photographer.  It’s in design now.“ shared Rebekkah.

fourseven boxes and pouches with silver polishing

Every order is handled in a delicate matter, the jewellery pieces are packed in little pouches and then a box that could be re-used again (Shown above). Besides pleasing the customers, the company looks towards being green and giving back to the society, we found this different than usual e-com companies around.

They are working with an NGO called Intah, based out of Gurgaon. It is a women centric NGO and make the above shown eco friendly boxes. They are trying to reduce the landfill and use up cycled materials for our supply chain. The money that the NGO gets is given to a school in Gurgaon for young children and their education.

fourseven manufacturing pic.jpg

Shown above: Rebekkah Kumar, Founder & Director, FourSeven with manufacturing team

The company is looking to raise its first funding in next 6 months. ‘We are looking for investors who care for the customer as much as we do. And will be able to understand us and our mission.’

FourSeven products can be found on Amazon, Junglee and Flipkart besides its own website. When asked if they’ll sell offline, Rebekkah replied ‘We are still exploring that option. As of now we are available offline through exhibitions. But we surely look forward to open a physical store because it is easier for a customer to look and believe the products.’

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