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Fixed: An App that Helps to Dismiss Parking Tickets in US Closes USD 1.2M

Fixed, a mobile application that helps to fix parking tickets, has secured USD 1.2 million in Seed round led by David King, Scott Banister, Merus Capital and Y Combinator.  Fixed, launched this January, enables residents to snap photos of their tickets using an iOS device, then check common errors before writing a customized letter on user’s behalf, which is sent to the city authorities.

The company aims to utilize the raised funds to increase its marketing efforts, plans to expand in San Francisco and hire advocates to meet the increasing ticket volumes. It is also planning to extend its services to other cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago for starters.



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Recently, it had opened up its waitlist in The San Francisco metro area and at present adopted by 35,000 users. Currently, The firm have six members in its current team and 10 to 12 “Ticket Heroes” on the street.

Tech Crunch says: But Fixed believes it’s operating within the law, and is now seeing around 1 percent of the city’s some 28,000 weekly parking tickets filtered through its app – or, around 300+ tickets per week. The company was in private beta since March, and has been growing its volume at 25 percent to 35 percent week-over-week, and more so since removing the waitlist function last month.

As for the tickets themselves, win rates are at 20 percent to 30 percent, depending on the violation type. Some violations are prone to errors, and with those Fixed has a higher win rate, Hegarty explains, while others are more difficult to contest.

But he also believes that Fixed’s win rate would be higher if the SFMTA followed the rules of the San Francisco Transportation Code and Californian Vehicle Code. “They are absolute sticklers for the law when issuing the ticket – no mercy or sense of fairness – but when it comes to the rules on how a citation must be properly written and contested, they take a very ‘lax’ interpretation of the rules to suit them,” he proclaims.

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