Cisco Launches DevNet for the Developer Community

Cloud Computing Cisco has launched a new developer program named Devnet for developers with an aim to drive an open community of software developers as well as to build Cisco-enabled apps faster.

The company is encouraging developers to adopt APIs across its products while also fostering integrations with third-party products. DevNet’s overarching goal: fueling software innovation, said by Susie Wee, vice president and CTO of networked experiences at Cisco.


“As Cisco adds powerful software and services to our market-leading hardware portfolio, we recognize that developers are critical to creating value for our customers,” Wee said. “With the advent of so many market transitions — mobility, cloud, the Internet of Everything (IoE), the application-centric infrastructure ; driving and accelerating innovation — the value of our networked platforms is greatly enhanced by the applications that run on them.”

DevNet helps developers by providing tools, resources, including engineering platform APIs, SDKs, a developer sandbox, ready-to-use code samples, developer support, and community to create network-aware applications. Now, the development environment is “rich and ready” to leverage open and intelligent networks, she said, and developers have an opportunity to monetize and differentiate their offerings using the network.

Now, Cisco is assembling a a team of developer evangelists, community managers, and developer support engineers as well as currently working on API development and management, new development tools.

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CIO Today says: Cisco also caught up with Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, to get his take on DevNet. He told us, frankly, it’s about time, especially considering Cisco’s developer initiatives go back at least a decade and spawned separate platforms for VoIP, mobility, unified communications, and routers.

“DevNet is bringing all those programs together under a common umbrella. What developers are telling me is that the experience they had working with Cisco varied by group because the developer programs are run within the different groups,” Kerravala said.

Having it fall under one unified umbrella brings a lot of consistency and actually can help developers leverage multiple Cisco platforms with a similar experience. Cisco is trying to position itself as a platform vendor and if you are going to be a platform vendor this is a very important part of it,” he added.

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