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Apple Sold of 35.2M iPhones,13.3M iPads and 4.4M Macs in Q3 2014

According to its latest quarterly earning report, Apple sold 35.20 million iPhones, 13.27 million iPads, 4.41 million Macs and 2.96 million iPods. The iPhone revenue grew by 9 percent, while iPad earned Apple 8 percent less revenue compared to last year. iPod units shipped were down 36 percent, while Mac revenue was up 13 percent, resulting in a 40 percent revenue drop year-over-year.


Last year, during the same quarter, Apple sold 31.24 million iPhones, 14.62 million iPads, 3.75 million Macs, and 4.57 million iPods. The company beat expectations for Macs and iPods, as  Analysts had anticipated sales of 35.78 million iPhones, 14.43 million iPads, 3.93 million Macs and 2.34 million iPods for the quarter. (As covered by Tech Crunch)

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Also, Apple Inc. has finally taken its step towards smart home technology market by introducing Home Kit, a platform for smart home accessories. Along With this app, Apple has also announced new products and updates including iOS software for iPhones and iPads, new language of coding known as Swift.

Apple has also announced its plans to launch a new platform for using its iOS devices as smart home controller. It is also expanding its iCloud storage services to store and sync files of any type for iCloud. Recently, the company has also launched new iPhones and iPads and is now planning to launch internet connected watch to expands its reach in wearable technology.


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