Amazon Launches Online Document Collaboration Service Zocalo

Amazon has added an online document collaboration service named Zocalo to its Amazon Web Services for storing, sharing, saving, sending and amassing feedback on documents, presentations, Web pages, spreadsheets and other digital tools. This is going to compete with Google Drive.


The service will come with 200 gigabytes of data storage at a monthly fee of USD 5 per user, but right now Zocalo is available with a 30-day free trial. The following features were announced in the release by Amazon.

  • Easy sharing: Amazon Zocalo lets users share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files with others.
  • Access from any device: Users can access data stored in Amazon Zocalo and view and leave feedback anywhere, anytime, from the device of their choice, including laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets. Amazon Zocalo can sync files across devices to ensure files are available anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple feedback: Users can request and manage feedback from others, and contributors can highlight any word, sentence, paragraph, or area of a document or file and leave detailed feedback. Amazon Zocalo also notifies contributors and document owners about review activities and approaching deadlines via email.
  • Central file hub: Amazon Zocalo provides users with a central location for both the documents and files they are reviewing as well as those they own and are soliciting feedback on. With all these files in one location, reviewers have access to all of the related feedback in a single web view, making reading or contributing comments as simple as a few clicks.
  • Available with Amazon WorkSpaces: Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS’s virtual desktop in the cloud service, is integrated with Amazon Zocalo. All Amazon WorkSpaces customers get Amazon Zocalo for free (with up to 50 GB of storage).

According to Amazon, “Zocalo is tailored to work with a gamut of mobile devices including laptops and tablet computers powered by Apple or Android software, according to Amazon.”

As reported by Economic Times, Zocalo general manager Noah Eisner said in a release that “Customers have told us that they’re fed up with the cost, complexity, and performance of their existing old guard enterprise document and collaboration management tools,”

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Tech Crunch says: Although there are a number of services already out there that offer what Amazon will offer with Zocalo, Amazon is playing on the fact that we’re still in a largely untapped market, when you consider that a lot of enterprises are still using legacy on-premise solutions, and paying a pretty penny for them.

Techradar says: Zocalo users will be able to access the platform via PCs, Macs and most tablet devices, including iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets.

Amazon has given IT administrators the ability to integrate the platform with their corporate directories, so that they can monitor how, where and with whom files are shared and stored.

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